Over the past 15 years, I’ve listened to the fears and doubts of executives, lawyers, entrepreneurs, and students, alike. And I’ll be honest — even myself.

“There just aren’t any jobs out there.”

“That’s just not how it’s done, in my industry.”

“It’s just not in the realm of reality.”

History’s changemakers have never been concerned with what’s likely or sensible, now — they live in the realm of what could be created.

As a persuasive storyteller, I’m interested in helping you find ways to defy and reshape reality — in your career, in your workplace, and everywhere you choose to share your gifts.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable keynote presenter, panelist, or moderator — with a triple-threat blend of executive chops, narrative skills, and humor…

I’m the voice you’ve been looking for.

I speak from a place of passion, lightness — and depth, sensing things below the surface that keep us from doing our best work and being our best self.

The essence of my contribution?

I blend executive management insights with personal stories of success and challenge — weaving presentations that resonate with corporate execs and students, alike.

I help audiences dream beyond the visible horizon.

Because it’s there — in the realm of the so-called impossible — that we find our best work, our brightest ideas, and our boundless enthusiasm.

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